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08 January 2012





A supposedly dedicated weekend for a work project changed suddenly when the fickle minded me decided to redesign the apartment's interior. Went to few furniture shops to look around and bought some stuff, I'm feeling positive about this, this will be my first major project for 2012.

Photo 1 - I had fun building this lamp, it's like origami!

Photo 2 - I purchased two different ceiling lights for the living room. The costs are pretty decent, I like how they jived even though they're totally different from one another. The rays of the crystals make me dream a lot more while staring at it 

Photo 3 - Unplanned trip to Ikea, we were only supposed to buy bulbs but then I suddenly had this urged to go there just for the fun of joyride, looking around and Swedish meatballs. I snapped about 200+ photos in my iPhone for the span of four hours rummaging what's inside the store.

Photo 4 - This bottle holder is awesome, I'm thinking of getting this next time.

*All pictures are taken with my iPhone, the quality amazes me! AWESOME! Triple awesome!