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01 January 2012


I'm not much of a planner kind of gal, I always let my feet drags me wherever it takes me. So far, it's been good but I think I want to control my life better this time. I want to do the big leap in terms of my career, I know this year, there will be a huge break awaiting for me and I just have to grab it... fast! I just know that the universe is preparing me for something big, 2011 was a year-long preparation. A lot has happened and it is now sinking in, I've finally accepted it and I'm ready.

I also want to be more proactive and dedicated to my work, I'd like to hone my skills and learn from others.

With this in mind, I'd like to:

1. Create a photo/ illustration project. This has been a vision for the past years but I shake the thought of it. Funny things is, it's always coming back to me. 
2. Travel Asia. I miss anything oriental, I'd like to taste authentic asian food. I also miss family and friends.
3. Get fit and eat healthy. This is hard to deal with but I'm starting to feel not good about myself so I'm taking control of this fact. I should be back to 110 lbs. Less coffee but more tea, and lots of water.
4. Take four major projects. Not sure which one to take but I'm quite serious of accomplishing something great this year, be it personal or business related matter.
5. Pursue my career as a creative director. This, I will be someday.
6. Meditate more. I love the feeling of being at peace and happy. I feel this when I go to work everyday. Law of attraction truly works!
7. Network, network, network. That means going out more to meet new people.
8. Promote my work. I have issues of promoting myself, I'll force myself to have the courage and talk to people.
9. Shoot more. Last year, I had the experience to shoot beauty, fashion, weddings and landscape. I'm still not sure which one to focus on, I enjoy beauty and fashion but day work requires me to shoot landscapes. It's nice to have all these opportunities but I'm quite unsure with a lot of things still.
10. Wake up early. This is a constant struggle but I'd like to start anew for this year. Bedtime should be strictly 11pm. Goodluck to me!

I might add more on this list along the way and by next year, I'd like to look at it and see how much I progress.

Happy New Year!
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