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25 January 2012

Cold Night

Photography: Tuesday Jane 
Model: Danielle Martin 
Mua: Leah Mas-Mollinedo

It rained all day, t'was cold night after. I've been tapping my keyboard for something to write here but there's nothing coming out of my head. I should give myself a rest and think of something else... This week went fast, I dunno where it went.

22 January 2012

Winter In Ireland

Winter is almost over 
 How I've long for spring to come 
 Let me carry you in my arms 
Let's welcome the season with giggles in the sky.
    ~Tuesday Jane

19 January 2012


Photography: Tuesday Jane
Model: Teodora Sutra | 1st Options Model Management
MUA: Leanne Nugent | Celene O Connor
Body Painting: Emma Woods
Location: Aviva Stadium

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year

Come Monday, half of the world celebrates Chinese New Year, I used to celebrate it with family and friends as well back when I was still living in Singapore. I miss the parade, the Dragon dance, yummy moon cakes, lanterns, fireworks and Ang Pao (red envelope with money). I didn't mind the long walks with friends going to Chinatown, the nights are always lively and colourful! 

I wish everyone who celebrates Chinese New Year a Happy Lunar Year! I'll be attending the launch of Dublin Chinese New Year Festival tomorrow, must be exciting!

17 January 2012


Photography: Tuesday Jane 
Model: Laura Kinsman 
Mua: Leanne Nugent

Laura Kinsman
Laura Kinsman
Laura Kinsman

  Work stuff has been mounting up to my eyes again but I'm handling it better... 
it's nice to be on top of things and not feeling stress about it. 
Mind over matter, it is how I play the game.

14 January 2012


Photography: Tuesday Jane
Model: Teodora Sutra | 1st Options Model Management
MUA : Giedre Bereisaite
Location: The Church Basement

Teo Sutra Teo Sutra Teo Sutra

Teo is one of my favourite models to photograph, I've worked with her quite a few times and she never fails to amaze me of her beauty, patience, talent and humility. Hardly ever find these qualities rolled into one and she's very professional too. I'm glad to have worked with Teo - the most in demand model here in Dublin.

Tattoos aren't real, they're stickers.

10 January 2012

Alien Goddess | My Photo Entry That Won A Portrait Competition

Alien Goddess

Above picture won in Phlearn's portrait photography contest, I'm most grateful!

Please check out Phlearn founded by Aaron Nace, an amazing photographer/ photoshop retoucher in the United States of America.

Photography: Tuesday Jane
Model: Laura Waldron
Mua: Katelynn Butler

Alien Goddess

08 January 2012





A supposedly dedicated weekend for a work project changed suddenly when the fickle minded me decided to redesign the apartment's interior. Went to few furniture shops to look around and bought some stuff, I'm feeling positive about this, this will be my first major project for 2012.

Photo 1 - I had fun building this lamp, it's like origami!

Photo 2 - I purchased two different ceiling lights for the living room. The costs are pretty decent, I like how they jived even though they're totally different from one another. The rays of the crystals make me dream a lot more while staring at it 

Photo 3 - Unplanned trip to Ikea, we were only supposed to buy bulbs but then I suddenly had this urged to go there just for the fun of joyride, looking around and Swedish meatballs. I snapped about 200+ photos in my iPhone for the span of four hours rummaging what's inside the store.

Photo 4 - This bottle holder is awesome, I'm thinking of getting this next time.

*All pictures are taken with my iPhone, the quality amazes me! AWESOME! Triple awesome!

03 January 2012

A Promise

Happy Christmas 2011

2011 has brought me great joys and 
I promise to myself that I'll do my best
to do better things for this year. 

I think I'm ready. 
I wish you all the very best, 
I give you virtual warm hugs and kisses! 

Til then xoxo

02 January 2012

Apple Family

Apple Family

It's more than obvious how much I am a fan of Apple. I think they are the coolest gadgets ever invented as of today. Not only being cool but these babies made me appreciate the real art in the world of technology. Each of these gadgets have different purpose in my life whether personal, at the university, career in photography and web. iPad 1 is for showing portfolio to prospect clients, it is my easy access on the web and mail too when I'm out and about. iMac is for massive photoshop editing and watching TV series. Macbook Pro is for on shoot location where I download contact sheets, it is also something I need for programming and research in college.  I bring it with me in school all the time and I watch quite amount of video tutorials in it as well while I'm working on iMac. And last but not the least - iPhone, I've finally decided to give it a go since Siri is very inviting. I'll most probably tweet more when it's easier for me to tap tap tap (compare to my old blackberry's tiny keyboard). iMessage comes handy (oh how I'm addicted to this!).... FaceTime is one thing I'm curious about, not that I fancy video chatting but it is something I'd like to have everywhere I go. You'll never know if happens I'm trapped in a cave or something, at least I can still see my family and friends by it 

So yeah, these are my tech family, I'd rather spend on these than clothes or anything fashion related honestly.

01 January 2012


I'm not much of a planner kind of gal, I always let my feet drags me wherever it takes me. So far, it's been good but I think I want to control my life better this time. I want to do the big leap in terms of my career, I know this year, there will be a huge break awaiting for me and I just have to grab it... fast! I just know that the universe is preparing me for something big, 2011 was a year-long preparation. A lot has happened and it is now sinking in, I've finally accepted it and I'm ready.

I also want to be more proactive and dedicated to my work, I'd like to hone my skills and learn from others.

With this in mind, I'd like to:

1. Create a photo/ illustration project. This has been a vision for the past years but I shake the thought of it. Funny things is, it's always coming back to me. 
2. Travel Asia. I miss anything oriental, I'd like to taste authentic asian food. I also miss family and friends.
3. Get fit and eat healthy. This is hard to deal with but I'm starting to feel not good about myself so I'm taking control of this fact. I should be back to 110 lbs. Less coffee but more tea, and lots of water.
4. Take four major projects. Not sure which one to take but I'm quite serious of accomplishing something great this year, be it personal or business related matter.
5. Pursue my career as a creative director. This, I will be someday.
6. Meditate more. I love the feeling of being at peace and happy. I feel this when I go to work everyday. Law of attraction truly works!
7. Network, network, network. That means going out more to meet new people.
8. Promote my work. I have issues of promoting myself, I'll force myself to have the courage and talk to people.
9. Shoot more. Last year, I had the experience to shoot beauty, fashion, weddings and landscape. I'm still not sure which one to focus on, I enjoy beauty and fashion but day work requires me to shoot landscapes. It's nice to have all these opportunities but I'm quite unsure with a lot of things still.
10. Wake up early. This is a constant struggle but I'd like to start anew for this year. Bedtime should be strictly 11pm. Goodluck to me!

I might add more on this list along the way and by next year, I'd like to look at it and see how much I progress.

Happy New Year!
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