Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

30 December 2012

Year 2012 in Review

1.   Started the year with no concrete plan but to continue my post degree. I let the destiny dictated my future, I just ride along... 

2.   Mum passed away in February, just right after her 62nd birthday. I do still miss her everyday but thankful to have beautiful night dreams where she visits me often. Unexpectedly, this was the moment I became closer to my brothers who live miles away from me. I was taken aback for having no clue how successful they are with their chosen careers. I'm a proud sister. 

3.   I spent a lot of time being with friends to shake off the cheerlessness I carry around with me, it helps that I've been busy working on several assignments and projects. In addition to that, one of my photos were featured in a postcard website.

4.   My other half set off on working in England but the situation brought the three of us closer. Though it wasn't easy as I've first thought, everything went well in the end. 
 "If there’s one thing family does, it is to believe,
against all odds, in the best of each other."
5.    I did a lot of firsts this year like taking the train going to South-West of Ireland. I drove hundred miles alone  (and got lost a few times) to work on several projects. I am finally an independent woman!

6.    I've finally graduated from University College Dublin. Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishing something that will totally changed your career. I have move on and embraced new beginnings. 

7.    I also got to spend few days holiday in London just before the year ends and appreciate the things I've overlooked before.

Overall, my 2012 is not bad after all. I am welcoming 2013 with open arms and lots of positivity no matter What's meant for me will never, for sure, pass me by.


13 December 2012

Bathrooms in Grey

I’ve been planning to renovate our bathrooms for the longest time but never really took time to do a thorough research until recently. It is more than obvious how my funky colour preference has evolved into tamer tones. My living room is still red and black though with a pop of orange, brown and blue.

07 December 2012

Instagram Suits My Lifestyle | Winter 2012

It’s easier to share everyone my whereabouts and what’s on my mind. 

Green Grass – it’s covered with little snow. I walk here everyday on my way to work.

Big Ben – you have to have a picture of Big Ben whenever you’re in London.

Life is Tasty – I had fish pie at the Market Bar, it’s my old time favourite.

Zara Coat – their app is handy whenever I’m itching to get something. I browse the catalog and decide what I want to buy. Got this coat the other day and wore it yesterday, I love it the most amongst my other coats.

DKNY Purse – I always bring this with me whenever I travel. It’s small but spacious to put in the passport, wallet and iPhone. 

Notting Hill Gate – coming out from the tube, someone snapped this logo and I followed her to do the same thing, obviously, I’m a copycat.

Cobra King – I celebrated the end of my post degree together with my classmates. We went to Saagar Indian Restaurant and had a blast, it was a sweet ending but new beginnings are awaiting for all of us.
Looking through my instagram, I’m feeling grateful. My life isn’t perfect but I have mostly everything I need. Happy Friday!

25 November 2012

Hydro or HYDRO

It's been a while to post something here where I used to write every . single . day . Perhaps when reality strikes, people (like me) tends to prioritise what matters most. I've been working on kicked a$$ jobs where I enjoy to  design without limit. I amazed myself with beautiful typefaces and graphics. Also, I'm learning the drill of doing business with people in an aggressive kind of way. I love to do the talking and charmed them with my wits bubbly personality (naks!)

Recently, I finished my post degree in UCD. I think I'm so ready. I'm ready to do greater things next year, bring it on 2013, I'm ready.

31 October 2012

Halloween In Style

Halloween in Style

Halloween costumes doesn't need to be gory, it can be anything you want to be for one day where you can be creative and have fun with friends. I like celebrating Halloween with wine and cheese while watching the fireworks up in the sky, I'm a bit lucky to live beside a huge park where people gather and set fireworks. Happy Halloween everyone!

Halloween in StyleHalloween in Style

15 October 2012

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get... Lucky me, I got the best! Coming home earlier, I decided to take an hour long walk to gather my thoughts, for I know that it has been countless times I felt this overwhelming happiness deep inside me even from the darkest of the hour. I just feel happy. 


The universe wants to get noticed and I focus on my plan for the future no matter what's happening around me - switching to a new career, being miles apart from my bestfriend and lover and the sudden death of my dear mother. And yet I carry on, I endured the unexplainable pain until I feel no more. In between pain, I laughed hard like a lunatic person.   


Fortunately, I've got great family and friends who believe and support me, perhaps the reason I stayed being happy...

R for Random

Recently, the universe begin to unfolds itself and presented all the possibilities and opportunities. I might not making sense to you right now but things I've been writing on my secret diary is constantly manifesting either consciously or unconsciously.

30 September 2012

Earl of Desmond, Tralee

Earl of Desmond TraleeEarl of Desmond TraleeEarl of Desmond Tralee

Sneak peek of a hotel in Tralee I've shot recently. I got to ride in a crane, met wonderful people and amazed with all the greens everywhere. I will share more photos once they're publish on the hotel website itself which I'm currently designing as well. 

Being Introvert

The video says it all... 
I'm somehow understand my inner me when I first watch this as I nodded and agreed to everything she said. 
Being introvert is not a weakness, it's a personality.

There's zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas.” (Susan Cain)

10 September 2012


ElenaElena ElenaElena Elena Elena Elena Elena

One of my favourite shoots I did for this year, it was just me and her having fun at the cross. I've asked her to do awkward poses and she didn't budged, it's all for the sake of "art". 

This week will be surely a fast one, I'll be traveling to South West of Ireland and to the West to cover a festival, it will be fun. Will update y'all on twitter xx 

05 September 2012

Beautiful Dark Things

Beautiful Dark Things Beautiful Dark Things Beautiful Dark Things

Bianca is one promising actress who has this amazing talent and persistence to pursue her dreams. She'll do whatever it takes and I like that attitude of her. She would suggest doing things beyond necessary to get the best shot for this photoshoot. With her personality and positive thinking about life, I won't be surprise to see her big in the limelight one day, goodluck chicken xx

Model: Bianca | Make up and Styling: Sylwia | Photography: Me

01 September 2012

1st of September


"Sometimes you have to cross the line to do the right thing" ~ Mike Ross (Suits)
Oh September, bring it on!

29 August 2012

I Lay There Til My Face Turns Red


Meet Elena, one of the nicest person I've met. She giggles a lot to no end... 
She's beautiful, smart and kind. She's very young and yet I talk to her like she's my age!

Will post more of her in the next coming days, Happy Tuesday everyone!

20 August 2012

Rebranding and New Facebook Page

Not a lot of people I know can pronounce "ilvstrated" [il-uh-strey-ted] so I decided to rebrand and curved the business into my own name - ABSOLUTELY TUESDAY! I created a new Facebook page and will occasionally post my projects for my friends to see.

Still, will serve as my blog and domain name. I might change everything to Absolutely Tuesday in future but "ilvstrated" will be my forever baby.

Some photos I shoot recently...

Teodora SutraTeodora Sutra Teodora Sutra

13 August 2012

Fashion Illustrated

Fashion Illustrated
This is a personal project I'd like to run for a month. Drawings are inspired by the things I see around, be it in person or from any fashion websites I frequently visit. Not setting any rules here, I just want to see how I progress by manually sketching every single of it and manipulate them digitally. 

I reckon it will be easier to draw with the new Inkling Pen from Wacom but I don't have it yet. And yes, it is definitely in my wish list.

If you're in Facebook, please do visit my page for blogging updates and what not.

Thanks for visiting, tata!

29 July 2012

Marc Jacobs

I was soaking wet by the time I finished my morning walk earlier, not with sweat but because of the rain. The cold rain tickles my face as I walk home, it's a nice crazy feeling being wet and all. It's like in the movies (without the drama). I just wish I have a dog. 


My illustration is inspired by Marc Jacobs Fall 2012. I can see myself wearing something similar in the fall and I must take note of the "Leprechaun inspired hat. That will definitely make someone stand out from the crowd. Marc Jacobs is one of the people I admired the most, he's a self-made man who became really successful in the field of fashion. 

28 July 2012

Myself in Cartoon

Me in Cartoon

I sketched myself based from a photo I took awhile ago. I'm thinking to do a project about portraits and cartoons mixed altogether. Not sure exactly what I'm going to do yet but will see how it goes. I'll keep you posted 

26 July 2012

The Picture Works

Dun Laoghaire

I had a migraine after a client's meeting earlier so I decided to go home and took panadol. I was able to sleep but my head is spinning after a phone call. This day must not be my day after all but my phone beeps again, The Picture Works told me I've won in their photo competition. WOW, just WOW! 

I love my Canon 5D, I guard it with my life but you see, the photo above was taken with my Canon point and shoot camera, I think it was a low tech Canon Ixus back in the day. But what matter was I captured the boats and the sky in a splendid way. It has been my favourite eversince and had it printed to as wall display. The photo has been photoshopped of course.

I think you have to love your work first before other can appreciate it. Through the years, I've learned to love mine.

24 July 2012

Bray Summerfest 2012


I'm afraid of riding carnival rides, I'm a chicken like that. Except of ferris wheel where I can see the world up in the sky, slowly. Though I'm spontaneous, I like foreseeing my path at my own little pace. It's not worth rushing things I'd regret in the end.

Some circumstances changed my mindset to see things properly, I'm taking it sweet and slow like riding in a ferris wheel, enjoying each moment and celebrating life the way it should be.  

On Sunday, we spent the whole day watching Breaking Bad, all Season 4, come dinner, no one is keen on cooking something so I suggested perhaps walk to the park and buy takeaways after. I don't know what happened but we just kept on driving and had this random idea to why not check the Irish Sea from Bray. So off we went and surprised to see carnival rides and lots of happy people. It's nice... and spontaneous.  


16 July 2012

Emily Bronte


Hope was but a timid friend; 
She sat without the grated den,
Watching how my fate would tend,
Even as selfish-hearted men. 

She was cruel in her fear;
Through the bars one dreary day, 
I looked out to see her there, 
And she turned her face away! 

Like a false guard, false watch keeping, 
Still, in strife, she whispered peace;
She would sing while I was weeping;
If I listened, she would cease. 

False she was, and unrelenting;
When my last joys strewed the ground, 
Even Sorrow saw, repenting, 
Those sad relics scattered round; 

Hope, whose whisper would have given 
Balm to all my frenzied pain,
Stretched her wings, and soared to heaven, 
Went, and ne'er returned again!

04 July 2012

Awesome July

It has been awesome feeling to start my "birthday month" by winning a moleskin via 30 Days of Creativity! It was totally unexpected but definitely appreciated. I joined their group for the purpose of forcing myself to create something artsy every day. It is like exercising my brain and think hard to come up with something I'd share with them for the whole month of June. We were encouraged to finish the 30 days and I'm glad I made it till the end so yay, I pat myself on the back. Delighted to do this and I enjoyed exploring every icon tools available in Photoshop which I didn't know exist.

Think I'm ready to join another challenge, bring it on (",)


02 June 2012

30 Days of Creativity

I decided to join the 30 Days of Creativity to challenge myself for the month of June. I've no concrete plan to do for each day but rather do something spontaneous. I started to scan some of my manual sketches and would recreate them in photoshop. I used to hate pen tool but it is now my new best friend. Working on my own drawings are quite therapeutic I find.

Hook me up if you did join as well, I want to see your work!

14 May 2012

Andy Warhol's Pop Art


Inspired by Andy Warhol's Pop Art

Andy Warhol is an icon in fashion industry, his work is admired by most of the people I know.
As I am browsing his work online, I was inspired to work on a portrait I did less than a year ago.
As I observed, orange (the colour) will be big for 2012.

10 May 2012

Fairies for Sale


"Freshly caught fairies" signage made me laughed out loud the moment
I stepped in at the arts event in Farmleigh. It inspired me to design one...
Artsy people does say amusing things and that's the way we roll (",)

04 May 2012

Dublin Bus

Dublin Bus

For this weekt, I decided to take Dublin bus for a week (or less). I want to know the route and bus numbers I can take to and from the house. The first ride was a disaster, I feared for my nicely done hair for it was lashing rain, I never bring an umbrella. Of course I was soaking wet alighting from the big bus and that was the day I did a final presentation for one of the classes I am attending. I looked like a wet puppy hehehe, oh well.

29 April 2012

Brona Clarke

Swamped with work, I've no idea how I'm surviving the weekend. The weather doesn't seem inviting so I might stay at home for as long as I can and work hard as I could.

As I'm sipping my tea, I decided to blog about a simple photoshoot I did with Brona and make up artist Sylwia a week ago....

Sylwia is a friend of mine I met a year ago, we got along very well and would meet up for coffee often. She is currently updating her make up portfolio so she came up with this idea about flower headdress and a dainty model - Brona.

The shoot was done in Clarendon Bar, Brona is definitely a head turner, her figure is model-like and the people kept looking at her!

Ending this post by quoting Diana Rikasari's,  "Success is a state of mind where we are simply happy because we are living a life we love."

Model: Brona Clarke
MUA: Sylwia Rubjik
Photography: Tuesday Jane