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09 November 2011

Apple Family

Apple Family

It's more than obvious how much I am a fan of Apple. I think they are the coolest gadgets ever invented as of today. Not only being cool but these babies made me appreciate the real art in the world of technology. Each of these gadgets have different purpose in my life whether personal, at the university, career in photography and web. iPad 1 is for showing portfolio to prospect clients, it is my easy access on the web and mail too when I'm out and about. iMac is for massive photoshop editing and watching TV series. Macbook Pro is for on shoot location where I download contact sheets, it is also something I need for programming and research in college.  I bring it with me in school all the time and I watch quite amount of video tutorials in it as well while I'm working on iMac. And last but not the least - iPhone, I've finally decided to give it a go since Siri is very inviting. I'll most probably tweet more when it's easier for me to tap tap tap (compare to my old blackberry's tiny keyboard). iMessage comes handy (oh how I'm addicted to this!).... FaceTime is one thing I'm curious about, not that I fancy video chatting but it is something I'd like to have everywhere I go. You'll never know if happens I'm trapped in a cave or something, at least I can still see my family and friends thru it 

So yeah, these are my tech family, I'd rather spend on these than clothes or anything fashion related honestly.

08 November 2011

All I Want For Christmas

The iPhone is schedule to be delivered by tomorrow, I'm feeling giddy and amaze! I've been holding off my excitement for the longest time since day 1 it was introduced. I still have the iPhone 3G but never really use it for the fact that I opted to use my blackberry to constantly chat with my lover thru BB messenger. But I guess, I had enough, I must go back to my first love - iPhone that is.

And I supposed I deserve it... for working hard for the past months ('',)

But still, it wouldn't hurt to make a wish list do I? I only wish for 3 things:

07 November 2011

Brogued Lace Up Shoes


Not only I found one but two of these beauties! I wasn't in the mood for shopping that day but when I tried this on, I knew they're meant for me. I chose the black first since most of my work clothes are black but the brown one haunted me overnight so I went back to buy it the next day. I have good few dresses that will match these, I'm one happy camper