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13 June 2011

One Of The Best Decision I've Ever Made

Kirsten Haugh

I've finally had an eye laser surgery over the weekend, I'm still over the moon!!! Can't believe it took me so long to finally gave in to laser eye surgery, and it only took like 5 minutes to get it done with. My eyes are perfectly fine and healthy. Seriously? One of the best decision ever in my entire life!

I love you high technology.

Attached photos of Kirsten were part of the photoshoot I've done recently. I can't say much because it is a "top secret" project at the moment. I'll keep you posted once come out. Stay tuned...

Kirsten Haugh

Photography: by me
Model: Kirsten Haugh
Stylist: Alice Merlics
Make Up Artist: Oksana Make Up
Hairstylist: Ann Marie Brown