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18 March 2011

I Am A Gypsy

Braved myself out in the cold to watch Paddy's Day parade yesterday. I was with my very good friend Nigel, another photographer who doesn't mind the cold weather just to capture beautiful shots from the parade and celebration all in all. Though no matter how early we've started the day, there was no way to get near to the parade, there were too many people (and kids!) who looked forward for this day to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

So instead of whining because of the situation, we just decided to walk along Grafton Street to watch street performers and make the best out of it, the parade hasn't started yet and we had ample of time to shoot portraits of strangers and performers. Not to worry where we would be positioning ourselves for the parade later.

Luckily, we found a box that served as a platform good enough to see the parade, people are jealous hahaha!

We were famished by the time the parade was over, off we went to our favourite Yamamori to have feast as if there’s no tomorrow and free saki from our favourite bar tender, funny enough I forgot to take pictures!

What I wore is something comfortable for walking and photoshooting...

Bershka Leather Jacket; Zara Tops; Giordanno Old Fave Jeans
Stradivarius Accessories and Dr. Martens boots