Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

31 July 2010

Let Me Borrow Your Shoes




Boyfriends come and go while girlfriends are there for much longer... or 'til eternity ♥♥♥

Model: Andrea Laurent + Laoise Quinn
Photographed by me ( - my photography blog)

I never had a sister, perhaps the reason I always treat my girlfriends as real sisters. I've moved too many times, be it in small city or big country and I'm proud to say that I keep my communication with my girlfriends no matter how far we are from each other, we make extra effort to catch up on our own gossips ☺ Thank God for facebook but on second thought I find solace writing my thoughts in this personal blog of mine. There are things I want to write (or post) which my co-bloggers get it in an instant like posting an outfit or rant on senseless stuff somehow. Not all my friends knew about this blog maybe because I don't want to stress myself out by people I knew to judge me based from whatever they see on the web. I'm grateful to my co-bloggers really, some are really close to my heart and you know who you are ☺

Thru my blogging years, I am LOVED by you. Thank you.