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14 November 2009

Photo Revisited


The original picture was taken by D herself while she was trying on a dress (or a blouse?) in one of those fabulous shops in Singapore. It is too cute to keep that she sent it to friends, including me, to guess if it was taken in a studio or what.

While looking on my iPhoto, I saw this astonishing shot of her and decided to enhance it in Photoshop a little and give some boost a bit.

I’m thinking to visit home next summer and would be delighted if she would agree for a one day photoshoot. I’ve got so many plans in my head already :)

I remember us being addicted to camera mobile, cigarette (ahem!) and Ice Lemon Tea. It’s good to have kept all our pictures in a CD. Photos speak for itself - we had so much fun in Lorong Chuan and would often found ourselves loitering around Yishun back then (LOL) but in different blocks/ flats though :)
I wish you all the best and it won’t be long you’ll find your soulmate soon...
Hugs & Kisses,