Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

14 November 2009

Photo Revisited


The original picture was taken by D herself while she was trying on a dress (or a blouse?) in one of those fabulous shops in Singapore. It is too cute to keep that she sent it to friends, including me, to guess if it was taken in a studio or what.

While looking on my iPhoto, I saw this astonishing shot of her and decided to enhance it in Photoshop a little and give some boost a bit.

I’m thinking to visit home next summer and would be delighted if she would agree for a one day photoshoot. I’ve got so many plans in my head already :)

I remember us being addicted to camera mobile, cigarette (ahem!) and Ice Lemon Tea. It’s good to have kept all our pictures in a CD. Photos speak for itself - we had so much fun in Lorong Chuan and would often found ourselves loitering around Yishun back then (LOL) but in different blocks/ flats though :)
I wish you all the best and it won’t be long you’ll find your soulmate soon...
Hugs & Kisses,

10 November 2009

Sweetie As I Call Her



We can be million miles apart but still you'll be on my mind when time gets rough...

The first time I met her we just clicked straight away, we both opened our hearts out and became transparent to each other. She knows my flaws and so did I. She would let me understand the things I can't comprehend and I would let her see the things she can't perceive. Even if we don't agree on few things, at the end of the day, we support each other on whichever way we choose to take.

We mostly share our hobbies - from fashion, food to photography. And I'm looking forward to do a photoshoot with her when I visit Singapore, the country that used to be my ''home''.

Pictures above were taken by a professional photographer in Singapore back in January 2005 hence my hair is shorter and hers is longer.

Original ones are in lively vibrant photos, I just added some textures to make it all different.

I've loads of pictures taken with her everywhere, due to that reason I can't find the right time (or should I say enough time) to post them all on facebook coz seriously it takes a day or two to upload the pictures!