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07 April 2009

Point and Shoot

I would love to carry this SLR Bowler Camera Bag with me on a ‘daily photoshoot’, days not necessarily to bring tripod, charger etc., but I’m having a hard time to get one, there’s none on eBay neither in Amazon. Would be better to carry this fabulous bag instead of the camera backpack I have at the moment. Where o where...

Fab! Fab! Fab! and it's RED!

Cutest ever, isn't?

My models a.k.a friends have been cooperative to posed whatever I asked them to do :) camera loves ‘em and I do enjoy every shoot. We only do these over lunch hence time is limited.

I’ve been learning how to tweak some of my shots in Photoshop, not that easy though, it takes patience, meticulous hands and hardwork. It’s quite different from photographing an object or landscape, emotion has to be there somewhere... facial nor body expressions.


MY Guess models :)

While I'm at it (Photoshop) I saw Madonna’s picture on the net which was edited in photoshop

photo credit World of Wonder