Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

19 April 2009

Like A Sister

I met G around 11 in the evening at the Porter House last night, it was her leaving do party before she heads off to Brazil. The pub is much perfect for a teenybopper kind of crowd, would see a girl crying over a boy drama; flirting with not so good men; loud Rihanna music and alike. I think I’ve overgrown that kind of ambiance and besides I’m not really a party person, I prefer meeting friends over dinner or coffee. Does it make sense or am I just getting old?

But on the other hand I had fun because G’s friends are lovely people. I only met them for the first time and felt so welcome. G stayed by my side, had shots for about nth times, after vodka, after Corona and the list goes on... I even remember drinking a cocktail with mint taste, etc. I’m proud to say I’m sober enough at dawn to go home. It was a fun night minus the other’s drama. 

The hangover hit me the next day, terrible headache. Panadol does the trick I was all well after taking the pill and managed to eat breakfast. I drove G to her friend’s house to get her car and belongings, we bid sweet goodbyes thinking it might be a long while to see each other again (if she decides to live in Brazil for good!). I’d wish the best for my dear friend who I consider as my own sister. I went on a long way to drive back home to enjoy a quiet time alone, awwww I’m gonna miss G, I whisper...