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14 November 2009

Photo Revisited


The original picture was taken by D herself while she was trying on a dress (or a blouse?) in one of those fabulous shops in Singapore. It is too cute to keep that she sent it to friends, including me, to guess if it was taken in a studio or what.

While looking on my iPhoto, I saw this astonishing shot of her and decided to enhance it in Photoshop a little and give some boost a bit.

I’m thinking to visit home next summer and would be delighted if she would agree for a one day photoshoot. I’ve got so many plans in my head already :)

I remember us being addicted to camera mobile, cigarette (ahem!) and Ice Lemon Tea. It’s good to have kept all our pictures in a CD. Photos speak for itself - we had so much fun in Lorong Chuan and would often found ourselves loitering around Yishun back then (LOL) but in different blocks/ flats though :)
I wish you all the best and it won’t be long you’ll find your soulmate soon...
Hugs & Kisses,

10 November 2009

Sweetie As I Call Her



We can be million miles apart but still you'll be on my mind when time gets rough...

The first time I met her we just clicked straight away, we both opened our hearts out and became transparent to each other. She knows my flaws and so did I. She would let me understand the things I can't comprehend and I would let her see the things she can't perceive. Even if we don't agree on few things, at the end of the day, we support each other on whichever way we choose to take.

We mostly share our hobbies - from fashion, food to photography. And I'm looking forward to do a photoshoot with her when I visit Singapore, the country that used to be my ''home''.

Pictures above were taken by a professional photographer in Singapore back in January 2005 hence my hair is shorter and hers is longer.

Original ones are in lively vibrant photos, I just added some textures to make it all different.

I've loads of pictures taken with her everywhere, due to that reason I can't find the right time (or should I say enough time) to post them all on facebook coz seriously it takes a day or two to upload the pictures!

25 October 2009



I just thought of you today my friend, hope you’re doin okay… Til then xoxo

20 October 2009

Dorothy and Vintage



Thanks for posing for me D, you're the first ever person who agreed to do a photoshoot with me, missing you dearly... I hope to see you soon really!

17 October 2009



You're one of the kindest person I've ever met, you have the purest heart and most loving friend. Stay that way okay? I love you so much Gracie!

Bart and Dorothy


In my mind they're a perfect match but in reality they're not together, someone else is in their hearts.

03 September 2009

Green Channel

I was playing with my new toy earlier on - Photoshop CS4 trying to create a 'lomo' effect on one of my self portraits. Red and blue channels were turned off, what's left is green then I came up to the image below. I have to stop and capture it before I continue the 'lomo' process.


Then the lomo finish


14 June 2009

Let's Talk About Being Glamorous

I want to pursue my passion for Photography, I would like to keep a web portfolio as I go along and learn each day. Come and join me ^_^*

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01 May 2009

Day Out with a Girl Friend

I was only supposed to meet S for lunch today but then decided to take a whole day off instead to grab an opportunity to photograph her whilst she’s here and spend more time to catch up on each other, it’s been a year and half since and we only drop messages on fb or hotmails besides it’s always best to talk face to face right?

I love how we never run out of stories, we were still the same - giggling and criticizing others haha! On a serious note, of course we talked about careers and love.

After 4 hours of endless chatting & big meal/cakes/coffee, I clicked away... She’s very natural on camera, stunning I should say!

19 April 2009

Like A Sister

I met G around 11 in the evening at the Porter House last night, it was her leaving do party before she heads off to Brazil. The pub is much perfect for a teenybopper kind of crowd, would see a girl crying over a boy drama; flirting with not so good men; loud Rihanna music and alike. I think I’ve overgrown that kind of ambiance and besides I’m not really a party person, I prefer meeting friends over dinner or coffee. Does it make sense or am I just getting old?

But on the other hand I had fun because G’s friends are lovely people. I only met them for the first time and felt so welcome. G stayed by my side, had shots for about nth times, after vodka, after Corona and the list goes on... I even remember drinking a cocktail with mint taste, etc. I’m proud to say I’m sober enough at dawn to go home. It was a fun night minus the other’s drama. 

The hangover hit me the next day, terrible headache. Panadol does the trick I was all well after taking the pill and managed to eat breakfast. I drove G to her friend’s house to get her car and belongings, we bid sweet goodbyes thinking it might be a long while to see each other again (if she decides to live in Brazil for good!). I’d wish the best for my dear friend who I consider as my own sister. I went on a long way to drive back home to enjoy a quiet time alone, awwww I’m gonna miss G, I whisper...

12 April 2009

Powerscourt Easter

Family went to Enniskerry Village on Easter Sunday to check out the well known Powerscourt "Waterfalls” inside the vicinity of Powerscourt. I'm a bit disappointed to see that it isn’t that magnificent to look at, plus the fact that each has to pay €5 (€3.50 for kids) per entry. The place is like a circus and everyone wants to have their picture taken (including us) at the waterfalls as a picture background, perhaps posting them in fb with caption "marvelous waterfalls", now being sarcastic here... The weather is great but still feeling chill-y which explain why I’m wearing a stocking. Believe me, I brought 3 different kinds of shoes end up had to wear a knee high boots because it was freezing cold brrr.



See what I mean? Cars were even parked on the grass near to the waterfalls, it's too commercialized.

Oooops! Hurry hurry! No people around!

My intention of taking picture of the sceneries went negative, there’s loads of people every where. K took a long time to play at the recreation area, she liked the huge slide they have it there while H devoured all the junk foods we brought in, bought more from the store as well like hotdogs, cotton candy & ice cream heehee. In spite of the displeasure of the place, I’d still enjoy the road trip naman and of course the quality time.

07 April 2009

Point and Shoot

I would love to carry this SLR Bowler Camera Bag with me on a ‘daily photoshoot’, days not necessarily to bring tripod, charger etc., but I’m having a hard time to get one, there’s none on eBay neither in Amazon. Would be better to carry this fabulous bag instead of the camera backpack I have at the moment. Where o where...

Fab! Fab! Fab! and it's RED!

Cutest ever, isn't?

My models a.k.a friends have been cooperative to posed whatever I asked them to do :) camera loves ‘em and I do enjoy every shoot. We only do these over lunch hence time is limited.

I’ve been learning how to tweak some of my shots in Photoshop, not that easy though, it takes patience, meticulous hands and hardwork. It’s quite different from photographing an object or landscape, emotion has to be there somewhere... facial nor body expressions.


MY Guess models :)

While I'm at it (Photoshop) I saw Madonna’s picture on the net which was edited in photoshop

photo credit World of Wonder