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18 February 2008

My Home

Living here for 10 months now, we slowly did the renovation of a newly (yes as in new) bought apartment, re-painted the walls, new tiles, new furniture to my liking and changed all the lighting fixture. However my imagination is spontaneous, change here and there.

The Bar
Dining Area
The Hallway

Living Room by day

Living Room by Night

Masters' Bedroom


We've recently moved to a new apartment (September 2007), since then I never stop thinking which and what to change from time to time. I always have this urge to move most of the furniture everywhere! Or even changing the house theme from creme to autumn red... from white to rose pink... from blue to bright yellow :-). Family (esp. Honey) is a little bit annoyed but what can I do, it's really my hobby - to mess up something and turn them into a whole new creation hehehe.... If only I have more money, I might turn this into a whole new place like what you see in "Crib" an MTV show, where the richest show off their houses with their own swimming pool and enormous garden! Oh and plus the million dollar cars they own! If only I can sing rap, do hip-hop and sell music like 'em! I will invest 1/2 of my earnings to buy stuff for my house :-)......... (Oh dreamin' dreamin' again, hihi)........ I'm into interior design books, interior magazines and loves to go to every furniture showroom I see. I can spend the whole day window shopping in Habitat, Avoca, Next Home, Debenhams and a lot more! If only there's Ikea here... they're talking about building one soon but having trouble with the planning application so that might take ages to construct..... haaaaayyyy....

Anyway, I'm in the process of putting picture clips of the new look of our house, for the meantime, I'll show you the original design before we moved in. It's not that bad at all actually, we were quite impressed the first time we saw it. Take a peep!