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18 February 2008

Indian Food Cuisine

"The quality of the cooking shows great imagination" Alan Stanford

Wow!... as in wow!.... The food was amazing and spectacular! Truly excellent in their spacious and tidy restaurant. Service is all good and polite.... I will definitely come back here for sure!

I wasn’t really into spicy food until I experienced living in Singapore for almost 6 years. I’m more into everything mild and refuse to try anything spicy. My friend Celes (a Singaporean) would love to eat anything but chili, the hotter the better. I envy her for having the courage to eat like that. I always end up eating what is normal or she would say “tasteless” for her. However she encouraged me to try, until I decided to try “Curry Fish Head” one day with my colleagues. Adnen (a German – he love love chili!) was celebrating his birthday and we went ahead to one of the most popular hawker in Toa Payoh. I was almost into tears when I had my first bite, as if my head spinning round and round after tasting the very first spicy bite! It was a shame if I would blow it so I just closed my eyes and swallow it…. another bite and another….. until my tongue was get used to it! I’m beginning to love it, I swear!!! Since then on, I crave for something chili or spicy. I’d even kept some spices at home so I could mix it to my take away foods…. I have a lot of Singaporean friends who would suggest eating in a restaurant where they serve spicy stuff, I was always game for that!

I brought that craving here in Dublin, I do still love to eat spicy food! Gracie would always ask me to eat in any Asian restaurant who can serve spicy stuff, it’s our usual destination to meet up for dinner every now and then.