Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

09 December 2008


As I am looking back from my previous posts, I saw one about me aiming to write words of gratitude in a notebook but as days goes by I’ve forgotten to do it religiously. It might be a bit difficult for me to do so because I’m one of the people who love to work and do things on a computer. Notepad has become a blur to me. I only do handwriting notes on a piece of paper as draft and would always transfer them into a doc file - standard minutes of meeting kind. I rely on computer wonders a lot. I write less and less until I realized that it’s hard for me even to write down friends’ addresses on a postcard. Therefore I have decided to put additional category in here called “Gratitude”. Title would beGrateful Tuesday ...1 ...2 ...3” to be posted every Tuesday.
I’m thankful for taking the winter bug (flu) out of my system already and able to come to work since Monday; for receiving a CK one perfume from H; for discovering a new drink that’s perfect to my liking – mocha coffee for free from the vending machine at work; for a sweet dinner at Cafe Mao last night; for having a good company and for always keeping me safe on the road.

I’m thankful to have a wonderful little family. I love H & K very much, thankfully they haven’t give me a real bad headache.

For a friend who trusted me to open his heart of misery, I pray he’ll decide for what’s best for everybody, he’s given me this verse;

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.
Jeremiah 29:11

And lastly, for giving me the fruit of happiness. I believe 2008 is a good year for me, I’m ecstatic!

Thank you.

28 June 2008


I choose not to rant about bad experiences that happened and might happen. I’ve decided to write a book of gratitude instead. I’ve finally found the best birthday gift ever to myself that is to handwrite about having a great life and to say thanks… Advance Happy Birthday to me ;-)

18 February 2008

My Home

Living here for 10 months now, we slowly did the renovation of a newly (yes as in new) bought apartment, re-painted the walls, new tiles, new furniture to my liking and changed all the lighting fixture. However my imagination is spontaneous, change here and there.

The Bar
Dining Area
The Hallway

Living Room by day

Living Room by Night

Masters' Bedroom


We've recently moved to a new apartment (September 2007), since then I never stop thinking which and what to change from time to time. I always have this urge to move most of the furniture everywhere! Or even changing the house theme from creme to autumn red... from white to rose pink... from blue to bright yellow :-). Family (esp. Honey) is a little bit annoyed but what can I do, it's really my hobby - to mess up something and turn them into a whole new creation hehehe.... If only I have more money, I might turn this into a whole new place like what you see in "Crib" an MTV show, where the richest show off their houses with their own swimming pool and enormous garden! Oh and plus the million dollar cars they own! If only I can sing rap, do hip-hop and sell music like 'em! I will invest 1/2 of my earnings to buy stuff for my house :-)......... (Oh dreamin' dreamin' again, hihi)........ I'm into interior design books, interior magazines and loves to go to every furniture showroom I see. I can spend the whole day window shopping in Habitat, Avoca, Next Home, Debenhams and a lot more! If only there's Ikea here... they're talking about building one soon but having trouble with the planning application so that might take ages to construct..... haaaaayyyy....

Anyway, I'm in the process of putting picture clips of the new look of our house, for the meantime, I'll show you the original design before we moved in. It's not that bad at all actually, we were quite impressed the first time we saw it. Take a peep!

Indian Food Cuisine

"The quality of the cooking shows great imagination" Alan Stanford

Wow!... as in wow!.... The food was amazing and spectacular! Truly excellent in their spacious and tidy restaurant. Service is all good and polite.... I will definitely come back here for sure!

I wasn’t really into spicy food until I experienced living in Singapore for almost 6 years. I’m more into everything mild and refuse to try anything spicy. My friend Celes (a Singaporean) would love to eat anything but chili, the hotter the better. I envy her for having the courage to eat like that. I always end up eating what is normal or she would say “tasteless” for her. However she encouraged me to try, until I decided to try “Curry Fish Head” one day with my colleagues. Adnen (a German – he love love chili!) was celebrating his birthday and we went ahead to one of the most popular hawker in Toa Payoh. I was almost into tears when I had my first bite, as if my head spinning round and round after tasting the very first spicy bite! It was a shame if I would blow it so I just closed my eyes and swallow it…. another bite and another….. until my tongue was get used to it! I’m beginning to love it, I swear!!! Since then on, I crave for something chili or spicy. I’d even kept some spices at home so I could mix it to my take away foods…. I have a lot of Singaporean friends who would suggest eating in a restaurant where they serve spicy stuff, I was always game for that!

I brought that craving here in Dublin, I do still love to eat spicy food! Gracie would always ask me to eat in any Asian restaurant who can serve spicy stuff, it’s our usual destination to meet up for dinner every now and then.

17 February 2008

Waterstones is a well known bookstore over UK and Ireland, it has a wide variety of books and good stuff and they have the cutest child’s place inside the store. Eversince I came here, I love going in whenever I pass any Waterstones as I do enjoy reading anything there. But this time I had a horrible experience dealing with their staff. I ended up sending them a letter/ email of complain.
Here is the story:

From: ME
Sent: 25 January 2008 14:10

Subject: My Horrible Experience in Waterstones Jervis Branch Dublin Ireland

To Whom It May Concern,

Personally I admire Waterstones for having wonderful books and information mostly about anything. Plus the factor that the interior design of your store is really good! I always end up buying something whenever I pass Waterstones Jervis Branch in Dublin City Centre (Ireland). Until I had this horrible story of mine which even myself can’t believe why this was happening….

Originally, I wanted to get a book “3D Max Bible” last Christmas and phoned one of your staff. I specifically gave the Title of the Book and ISBN to check if the book is available. Apparently there’s no stock in store but there is in the UK. A girl named “Rachel” told me I could place an order and was assured that it will be deliver in just 2 weeks but I still have to go to the store to put deposit, then fine. The next day, I put an effort to go to Dublin City Centre just to pay the deposit but unfortunately the girl wasn’t there and to my surprise, she did not log my order at all! The guys on the cashier didn’t even know how to track down the book I order! They were telling me that I have to give them the ISBN again and not the title of the book! But how am I supposed to give them those numbers, I don’t have it! I was too confident that everything was sorted out before coming there and all I would care is to mention the title! Or maybe I should assume how dumbest they could be not to find the ISBN no. in any way.

Guys on the cashier promised me that it can be order if I could phone them back later if I’ll find the ISBN no. thru your website and will disregard putting the deposit. I went home empty handed with full of frustration and disappointment as I really wanted that book. But then I just decided not to call them anymore. The next day, Rachel called me to apologise and still wanted to get my order. I was nowhere near my laptop and wouldn’t be able to get her the ISBN thru your website, silly isn’t it? I still have to search for those numbers where I am the customer here, hello??? She said I have to give her my credit card details to put a deposit where the other guys told me that I don’t need to put deposit but she really insisted that I still have to! Otherwise I’d still need to go to their store again! I was too mad and upset having gone all through this and just told her I will just ring her back once I decided to order and memorised the ISBN no. by “heart”.

Christmas holidays had passed and I decided to order the book again. I just thought Christmas spirit should bring me forgiveness and forget what happened. I went to the store last January 12, 2008 with the Title of the book and the ISBN in full details, went to cashier and was asked to PAID IN FULL not deposit. Then it’s fine, hoping everything will be sorted out after all and will be delivered in two weeks. After waiting for 2 weeks (today January 25, 2008), I decided to call to check about the book but to my surprise (again! I never learned…..) the Assistant Manager “Lisa” doesn’t have any idea where the book is, whether it’s on delivery or in store or whatever. She was asking for that damn ISBN no. again where in fact they have already my record and a copy of my receipt, c’mon!!!! If the book hasn’t arrived in two weeks (as promised) they should ring me to inform that it hasn’t arrived yet, that’s how you care about your customer right? She was non-stop talking and explaining nonsense and was promised to ring me back, well let’s wait and see….. What in the world that they’re making things complicated and confusing??? None of the stuff was not able to help me or didn’t even bother to sort out this matter! How could they have such bad service where they’re representing the name of the store? How could they do that to me where I’d really love going to Waterstones? And no matter how much call and complain I’ll do, at the end of the day, I’m still the one suffering here, and waiting for my book already paid in full!!!

This was the reply:

-----Original Message-----
From: Best, Neil []
Sent: 29 January 2008 09:23
To: ME Cc: Pritchard, Jill; Dublin Jervis Centre - Manager
Subject: My Horrible Experience in Waterstones Jervis Branch Dublin Ireland

Dear Ms,

Thank you for your email below which has been passed to me for a response. I understand that our store manager has since been in contact with you to help resolve this issue. He is actively pursuing another copy of the book for you and will be in touch when it arrives. If you have any further queries in the interim, he will be glad to help.

Best wishes

……… Steve, the Manager has called me to explain and apologised for what happened. He then told me that UK shipped the book a week ago together with the other orders. But they just found out that my book wasn’t there eventhough the filing/ receipt saying it’s there! He did even saying how “unlucky” I was! Oh crapped! But then again they have to re-order the book and will definitely the priority, I said there’s nothing I can do but wait. The situation was pissing me off enough and I have to calm myself thinking the more I think about it, the more it will annoy me and does not attracting good vibes anymore so I’d rather stop…. After a day or two, I received another email from them:

-----Original Message-----
From: Best, Neil []
Sent: 29 January 2008 09:23
To: ME Cc: Pritchard, Jill; Dublin Jervis Centre - Manager
Subject: My Horrible Experience in Waterstones Jervis Branch Dublin Ireland

Dear Ms,

Thank you for your email below which has been passed to me for a response. I understand that our store manager has since been in contact with you to help resolve this issue. He is actively pursuing another copy of the book for you and will be in touch when it arrives. If you have any further queries in the interim, he will be glad to help.

Best wishes

Then the manager called me to say that my book has finally arrived! Jannnnn-jaraaaaannnnnnn! FINALLY!!!!

I took LUAS (mini tram) from work to collect my book during lunchtime, everything went well, book was there including the CD. But take note, I did not get any complimentary, no apology card, no freebies…no nothing! As if nothing happened, I just got the book in which I already paid in advance on my credit card long time ago…. I did not even reply to their last email as I was exhausted and upset due to what happened, I didn’t even have the urge to open the book after a while…… I was wondering how come they did not initiate anything like…..deliver the book at my doorstep. Or maybe they’ll do if I had asked them but why ask? They should do something good in return anyway.

Although there are some companies who would still offer something if shit happens. Previously, we had difficulties on our internet connection at home thru our broadband/ server, after giving them a call and one email, they sorted out the problem and did even give us 2 months discount, no bill for those months, yay!

I don’t really complain, I hate complaining about anything. I would normally accept the situation and will not say anything at all but this case really pissed me off….. Well, once in a while such things really happen, all I could do is “boycotting” the store after. I may not be buying expensive stuff from them but I am still a customer….. who can do bad write ups about them hehe…