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26 January 2015

Monday Blues?

Monday Blues

It's one of those days I'm feeling blue... I scribble this macho man out of the blue. 

Today was an exact experience of Monday blues for me. For a start, I woke up late and end up cramming to prepare for work. I'm usually an early riser especially on weekdays because I like getting dress and putting my make up well enough to be presentable, also I allot 30 minutes or so listening to an audiobook. But in this case it didn't happen of course.

Yes, I confirm, a cheerful person like me can be unhappy sometimes too. I'd spare you from detailing my not so good Monday, I'm just thankful it's already night time and Monday is nearly over. However, I'm not one to sleep earlier than midnight. To be perfectly honest, I refuse to sleep early. Without any particular reason, I just like to keep myself awake at night, I might be like this forever, I wonder.

09 January 2015

Out on the Streets Again

ISPG Street Photos | January 2015

Of course I truly enjoyed the relaxing days not having to wake up early for work. But it has come to an end and was back at work on the 05th of January. Thankfully I have ISPG meet up to look forward to, think it was a nice start for me to pick up my camera again and shoot people. Think this time I'll focus on street photos more.
  ISPG Street Photos | January 2015ISPG Street Photos | January 2015 ISPG Street Photos | January 2015

29 December 2014

[Faux] Fur and Some Light Snow

CaseApp | December 2014

It's icy cold this morning, the grass is covered with light snow. It's time to bring out [faux] fur ^-^. It came late, everyone expects white Christmas this year but that's okay, I know most people secretly wish for warmer days from this side of the world. Even myself prefer to have dry winter than freezing cold weather. 

After Christmas Day, we started painting the two bedrooms all white. It's been three days now that our house is in chaotic state and I'm looking forward to see the final result. In the middle of this, I start to read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying think it's about time for me to rid all the material things that doesn't spark "joy", that's what I learned from Marie Kondo. I've already thrown about 10 bags of clothes and keep counting. Such a great beginning to start the new year.

24 December 2014

Merry Christmas!


I'd say no matter how people like me try to avoid Christmas rush, we still end up rushing to the store up to the last minute before everything close on Christmas eve. I strategically planned my errands for the day while I'm at work just to make sure I won't forget anything this time. First we collected the strawberry cheesecake I ordered in Bijou, went to petrol station to have a full tank (in case we decide to go on a road trip on the 25th), had our new door keys duplicated, bought wine, lime, spring onions and lilies! Last but not the least, we headed to the Polish shop where I buy yummy hotdogs ^-^

Yesterday, I've already prepared the macaroni salad and cooked the sauce for spaghetti. Later, I just need to put the marinated chicken (we don't like turkey) in the oven. 

Now excuse me while I dash to the airport to pick up my Honey ^,^

Merry Christmas everyone!

19 December 2014

Classic Handbag

Looking back, I've purchased designer bags that I think I needed. And then I ended up selling most of them cause I hardly use the bags. Finally coming to my senses, I realised that buying classic bags is the way to go for me to keep and care for them. This Eva Clutch is in my radar for a long time and thankfully, H gifted me this as a Christmas present, even though it's not Christmas yet, I have used it a million times ^o^
  Eva Clutch | December 2014

Earlier, the plumbers fixed the leak on the ceiling, though I've nothing to do with it but wait. After they're finished, they left leaving the hallway full of dust ^-^ While polishing the floor, I had this brilliant idea to rearrange my furniture (I do this often as I get bored with room arrangement easily). After few hours of cleaning, rearranging and lots of pushing, I'm finally done. Now I'm now sitting comfortably on my bed while I type this post away. Feeling bloody tired now and I think I deserve a treat! I'm treating myself for another classic bag!

My Long Weekend in London

Around London | December 2014
Around London | December 2014
Around London | December 2014
I've always wanted to see London during Christmas holidays and they say Boxing Day (26 December) is mad crazy, they close Oxford Street so everyone can freely cross and shop along the street without worrying getting knock out by a bus. We've decided to stay in Dublin for Christmas so I settled for a long weekend before Christmas week to shop in London instead.
H treated me stay in Holiday Inn Stratford, he says it's better to stay there because it's beside the Westfield Shopping Centre where I did my Christmas shopping. It's very convenient and the hotel is very business like, I didn't see any screaming kids in the hotel which I like haha!

I've got few things for myself and gifts for family and friends. I came there with empty luggage and came back home with full of things. Oh well ^o^

Usually, if I fly to London, I have a list of places I wanted to see and things I want to do. There's always things to do there and my list is endless. My visit to London is frequent and I'm always excited to see new things all the time. I know for sure I will never get tired of this wonderful city.

12 December 2014

Sunday Road Trip

City trip | Dec 2014 City trip | Dec 2014 City trip | Dec 2014 City trip | Dec 2014
City trip | Dec 2014

Road trips on Sundays are the best, the road is clear and quiet. We're just supposed to buy some groceries at the Asian market but the weather was inviting. Though freezing cold, the sky is clear and the sun was beaming. I suggested to go west to try Noah and Co's American pancakes so off we went.

Luckily, we got there quick before every one else, from what I've heard, it's very popular to locals. The food came in no time, they're a "okay" in my opinion. The pancakes were burnt and so the bacon too :(

Noah & Co | Dec 2014 Noah & Co | Dec 2014
Noah & Co | Dec 2014 Noah & Co | Dec 2014