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24 November 2014

Oreo Cupcakes!

Oreo cupcakes

Dreaming of cupcakes right now, actually, a lot of it. It's one of those days that you'd think sweets are girls' bestfriend ^_^ These Oreo cupcakes were baked by a good friend of mine few weeks ago when we met for Zumba class. She gave me four and thought they were aplenty but when I tasted it, it was heavenly delicious so ate three! I wish I've the passion to bake something but nah, I think I'll just wait for friends to make me one or I'll just buy....

Days are shorter, true enough winter is coming. I miss being sunkissed, the good thing though, I don't need sunscreen ^_^

Hope Monday is treating you all well, mine is not bad either xx

  Another sunny day. I ❤️ #London

19 November 2014

I had a Good Sleep Last Night

Heathrow Terminal 2

Today, I'm feeling better. After a week of complaining about my back, the pain has finally subsided. I think it has to do something with the way I sleep. I never move when I'm asleep you see so over the years, I'm used to having stiff neck and backaches and was never bother by it anymore. Last week was the worse though, I couldn't move comfortably anymore and blamed my bed because I don't want to blame myself for not exercising heh. I decided to buy a mattress topper (but have to tweak it a little bit, don't ask how) which surprisingly did the works. My back pain slowly disappears after two nights sleeping on it. 

17 November 2014

Traveling and Terminal Airports

Heathrow Terminal 2 Heathrow Terminal 2 Heathrow Terminal 2
Heathrow Terminal 2
Heathrow Terminal 2

A lot of people I know loves to travel but only few of them likes to wait at the airport. For me, I love both, I actually enjoy waiting at the airport. I'm never the one running furiously to catch my flight, I like taking my time and walk around the shops few hours before hand.  God knows how much I plan ahead of my trips to the airport meticulously, I normally allow myself to go there 3-4 hours before flying. I also have a list in hand of the things I want to buy in Duty Free (*chuckles!). I know exactly where the stalls are, what make up and skin care I need to stock up.

I like to watch people, I make stories out of the scenes I see around. And I never ran out of things to imagine he he he. And if I get tired of it, I listen to my audiobooks - my new addiction, I'm constantly on it whenever I get the chance and waiting at the airport is a good time to catch up on my reading.

Some people likes to do little chats, I do avoid those but if happens, I don't mind it too. 

16 November 2014

The Liffey River

Liffey RiverLiffey River

How wonderful to have found this filter in my FujiFilm XT1 camera....

Hope you're having a good Sunday morning, later we're going to IKEA to buy a mattress, scented candles and whatnot and perhaps, go to town in the evening to gaze at Christmas city lights.

While I sip my coffee, I decide to post these two photos I've shot yesterday while participating a street photography walk. While the walk has nothing to do with landscape, I'd still took the time to stay a little in O' Connell Bridge to check the river on both sides. And fiddled with my camera.

London During Summer

Around LondonAround LondonAround LondonAround LondonAround London


Back when I only have two fixed lenses for my FujiFilm XT1, I'd always chose to bring the fisheye because it's wider and creates interesting bendy photographs.

Few days ago, I was looking for something to blog and found these London photos during summer. London is full of life, the possibilities are endless and I don't think it will ever stop.

I love love love London, I love the city life!


Around London



05 November 2014

Web Summit 2014

Web Summit

I've been attending this Web Summit for three consecutive years, I'd say it gets better and better. Wifi seems to be working well and fast enough to blog and tweet non stop. I hope not to annoy anyone with my constant blabbing on twitter though hehe.

Just like in previous years, I'm impressed with people great innovation. Some may be copycat but that's not the point really. These people try, flew all the way here to pitch their ideas and that's what matters.

@Coderjojo are teaching young kids to learn how to code. I think it should be teach in school as part of their curriculum, the world is changing, web is the future.

I'm resting for a while to reboot, I've seen so many amazing things and grateful to experience all this. I'll be heading to Marketing Summit to check what's happening out there.

26 October 2014


Grafton Street Photowalk

It takes courage to snap out on the street. I'm still getting the hang of it.