Everything in life is fabulous, regardless.

12 December 2014

Sunday Road Trip

City trip | Dec 2014 City trip | Dec 2014 City trip | Dec 2014 City trip | Dec 2014
City trip | Dec 2014

Road trips on Sundays are the best, the road is clear and quiet. We're just supposed to buy some groceries at the Asian market but the weather was inviting. Though freezing cold, the sky is clear and the sun was beaming. I suggested to go west to try Noah and Co's American pancakes so off we went.

Luckily, we got there quick before every one else, from what I've heard, it's very popular to locals. The food came in no time, they're a "okay" in my opinion. The pancakes were burnt and so the bacon too :(

Noah & Co | Dec 2014 Noah & Co | Dec 2014
Noah & Co | Dec 2014 Noah & Co | Dec 2014

10 December 2014

Christmas Market at Stephen's Green

Around Grafton Street | December 2014 Christmas Market | Dec 2014 Around Grafton Street | December 2014 Around Grafton Street | December 2014

Christmas markets are popping up like mushrooms everywhere now in Ireland, it wasn't like that few years ago as far as I can remember. Beside the Stephen's Green Park, they've open the Christmas market, a bit narrow to my liking (perhaps to everyone else!) but that'll do. It's in city centre and we've only plan to eat, go about and leave.

Of course, we wouldn't leave leave without passing Grafton Street, window displays will always always catch my eyes ^,^

Around Grafton Street | December 2014Around Grafton Street | December 2014Around Grafton Street | December 2014 Around Grafton Street | December 2014 Around Grafton Street | December 2014 Around Grafton Street | December 2014

06 December 2014

Relaxing Weekend

Snacking on popcorn coated smooth caramel and crunchy peanut butter #handmadeInEngland #popcorn | December 2014

Nothing beats a lazy weekend with no plans but to chill and drink beer ^.^ H surprised me with different flavours of popcorns from England and I liked them all. It’s been a week now and I still haven’t installed all my apps and programs in my new Macbook Pro, nor copy the files from my iMac but it’s okay. I just want a clean slate in this laptop, perhaps install the stuff I really needed. I like how my two macs talk to each other, like I can easily transfer files from one another using “shared networks”.

 I recently bought 1 TB external hard drive which has been sitting on my desk for a while now. I just don’t have the energy to back up everything, I know, I’m too lazy.

Later we’re planning to go to Christmas market to eat German sausage and crepes ^.^

05 December 2014

Wishlist 2014

A girl can dream and wish fabulous stuff as long as she wants. I know... I know... And I'd be more than happy to get half in my wishlist for this Christmas. I think I deserve it for being good this year haha! Christmas came early, as a matter of fact, H brought home the Macbook Pro he ordered last week, I was over the moon setting it all up and quite pleased how light it is compare to my old one. I'm thinking to pimp it with a marble skin case. That reminds me to order it online later :)

1. St. Louis PM by Goyard
2. Macbook Pro
3. Eva Clutch by Louis Vuitton
4. Burberry Silk Scarf
5. Leica T camera
6. Card Holder by Gucci
7. Jessica Platform Sneaker

Oh Christmas!

Christmas decorations | December 2014

Every year, I don't put up a Christmas tree at home. It's just one of those things that don't happen. The least I could do is put a family of giant snowmen and add some white lights on top of it and it look, good by the way. And that's where we put our gifts to be open on Christmas eve. 

However I do like looking at every Christmas tree I see every where, it uplifts my spirit and remember my childhood with my mum busy cooking in the kitchen while I watch Hello Kitty Holiday Special on TV.

03 December 2014

Moving Forward

Eden Bar and Grill | South William Street Duck Liver Parfait with cinnamon jelly, spiced apple, smoked bacon & brioche
  Eden Bar and Grill | South William StreetBeyonne Ham & Poched Pear Salad with organic leaves, blue cheese & walnut dressing 

Eden Bar and Grill | South William Street Risotto with local wild mushroom, shaved parmesan & truffle oil
  Eden Bar and Grill | South William StreetDuck Leg Confit with lentils, Morteau sausage, spiced kale, glazed carrot & rosemary jus
  Eden Bar and Grill | South William StreetChocolate Mousse with raspberry compote & creme chantilly

Last Friday, I was invited by my ex-boss to attend Bart's farewell lunch, an ex-colleague. It was such a surprise to everyone as he kept it a secret 'til his last week in the office. Bart is one of the good, hardworking people I know. For all we know, he'll be staying at the company forever because that's how he is. He then realise that he has to move somewhere else which I think the right thing to do. 

Seven years had past, the situation in the construction industry here in Ireland hasn't progress at all. A lot of us, engineers and architects, have neither moved to developing countries or ventured into another field. I'm glad I got out there quickly. Quickly enough to realised that I'm meant to do greater things. Looking back, I think that there were signs telling me I'm doing what I meant to do and I'm glad I found what I really love to do.  

27 November 2014


Symmetry | November 2014

A friend of mine surprisingly called me today. I was at my work desk so I had to find a place where I can speak louder and laugh to my heart's content. I was soon led to a quiet hallway facing the atrium. Since it's already dark by 4pm, all the lights are on, the beauty of our building is very obvious and waiting to be admired. This sight made me realise how lucky I am to have eyes to see beautiful things around me. 


In Ireland, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. But it doesn't matter, I have lots of things to be thankful for so I'm listing it here:

- Most of the days, my morning always starts feeling grateful the moment I open my eyes. It started after reading "The Secret", something came over me and I always feel blessed. 

- Little things like finding a space to park my car, eating banana chips, listening to interesting podcasts and exploring vintage shops. 

- A great job that I really really really like.  

- Friends I made who stick with me all these years. It's true, friends are lesser when you're older and I'm okay with that. I keep them as they keep me. 
- My mother's cheerful personality reflects on me. It is something I'm proud to have - I'm cheerful and happy all the time. I grew up seeing her not sweating on small stuff so I do the same. I just wish she's still alive so I can tell her how much I love her and I appreciate all her sacrifices. And I think of her everyday. 

- I'm grateful to have Poch in my life, she reminds me of me. She's exactly like me which makes me mad (good and bad) about her actually, lol! 

- I'm grateful to have found true love, not all people find it and I'm glad that I have that. He is one of the best things that happened in my life.