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11 September 2014

Paris Day 2

Eiffel Tower

First thought when I was googling the Eiffel Tower was people might be exaggerating coz everyone says it's amazingly beautiful. And then I came to see it in person and was astounded of how fascinating it is truly. I don't know what it is but it's mind blowing, I want to look at it again and again. We actually came back thrice in different days just to stare it ツ 

Eiffel Tower

Rue de Commerce

The little park was along Rue de Commerce, the night before, I was eager to check where local Parisian do their shopping and found this little street five minutes walk from the Eiffel Tower. Of course, I got sidetracked - purchased some clothes and a bag to my heart's content tee hee. Shopping bags became heavier, we have to postpone our trip to Champs-Élysées and Notre Dame Cathedral (*chuckles).

Back in the hotel, we slept for few hours and look for something to eat near The Louvre. By the time we reach the museum, it's almost dark and was the perfect time to take picture of it's glorious surroundings, and there weren't too many people around since the museum is closed every Tuesday.

Musée Du Louvre Musée Du Louvre Musée Du Louvre Musée Du Louvre Musée Du Louvre Paris Eiffel Tower

02 September 2014

Paris Day 1

Paris | August 2014
Paris | August 2014
Paris | August 2014
Paris | August 2014
Paris | August 2014 Paris | August 2014
Paris | August 2014
Paris | August 2014

A quick hop in the train from London can bring you to Paris, and that's what we did! Off we went to the city of love in a whim! There's this enigmatic vibe when we were walking around town, I can't really pinpoint exactly but this city is compelling... 

Paris | August 2014

True enough, the Metro is dirty and yet it's functional and on time. It brings you at the heart of every museum, cathedral, palace you could ever think of. You can navigate the city with no difficulty at all and rely to Metro. The buildings are symmetrical to one another, plants and trees are properly cut, fresh and perfect.

We stayed at Mercure Paris Austerlitz Bibliothèque with the help of Skyscanner, relied on people's reviews, very helpful in any other way. I love love love this hotel! The room is modern and spotless, quite spacious to Paris standards. It's strategically located few steps away from Seine River, the metro station (Quai de la Gare) is just across the road. We buy fresh bread and cheese everyday at the bakery beside the hotel and I must have tasted all of their pastries, didn't care how much calories I've gain in the end *chuckles* 

Paris | August 2014 Paris | August 2014 Paris | August 2014

At night time we walked along the river and enjoyed the calming view, alongside, there's plenty of cafes and bars, we had our chicken dinner and some mojitos ^.^
  Paris | August 2014Paris | August 2014 Paris | August 2014

01 September 2014

Monday Blues

Feeling tired, restless and unhappy (for no reason at all), I've decided to look through at my holiday photos. It brings me back to Paris where everywhere is symmetrical and perfect.... such class! Now I'm back to being happy once more, this is the old me ^.^ Hope you're Monday is better.
Notre Dame | August 2014

31 August 2014

NEO Bankside

Neo Bankside Neo Bankside Neo Bankside

It costs about 4- 6 million pounds to live here, no doubt about it. To be living across Tate Modern is one 'hella awesome of course, you have to pay for the location, status and perks it gives.

As I wandered about in this area, I can't help myself to utter ooohs and aaaahs, these residences are truly exceptionally brilliant! 

You see, I'm apartment kind of girl, I'm a city girl! I love the convenience, the comfort and the security it gives. I like plants in pots and balconies where I can look over the city and appreciate the sky in better view. And from where I live, I have the view of a whole recreational park from my living room too. 

The thought of moving to London is too strong, I might have to do it soon.

28 August 2014

Tate Modern

Tate Modern Tate Modern Tate Modern Tate Modern Tate Modern Tate Modern Tate Modern Tate Modern Tate Modern Tate Modern Tate Modern

Tate Modern is one of my favourite places in London, 
I love how massive, tall but bare it is. 
They're expanding I believe.   

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23 August 2014

On the Street

Borough Market | August 2014

Borough Market London | August 2014

I must remember to post London pictures too as I stayed there for a couple of days before we went to Paris. While I transfer the pictures in Lightroom today, this shot from the Borough Market captured my eyes. I like the expression of the soldier stranger, he seems confuse, coming out from a battlefield.

Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home, we're back in Dublin. My one week holiday in Paris ended just like that. Planned it for months and it all happened so quick! We're already thinking of going back to revisit the places we pick as favourites. Eiffel Tower is truly enchanting, there is something about the tower that is mystifying and yet calming to look at. We went there thrice just to see how it look like at different times. Almost missed the last train because we were hanging with other people in Trocadero til midnight just to be near Eiffel Tower.

Paris will always be romantic, will be forever charming. I'd be coming back I promise.